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Hey there! Welcome to AIWiseMind’s Amazon Product Roundup Reviews! In our latest video, we showcased three different posts on our website. If you head over to the website, you’ll find all three posts published. Now, let’s talk about how you can create your own amazing Amazon product reviews. Simply scroll through the products on Amazon, find one you want to review, click on it, and copy the URL. Then, you can go back to our campaigns and start a new campaign for an Amazon product review. Paste the URL, give your campaign a name, fill in the necessary information, and choose to schedule or publish it immediately. You can even customize the title of your article! In our video, we did a multiple product roundup, so we compared the top three products on Amazon. If you want to do the same, just open each product in a new window, copy their respective URLs, and add them to your campaign. It’s that simple!

Amazon Product Roundup Reviews

Amazon Product Roundup Reviews | AIWiseMind


Welcome to the world of Amazon Product Roundup Reviews! In this comprehensive article, we will guide you through the process of creating and reviewing individual products, as well as creating a multiple product roundup. We will also explore how to customize content, edit and post it to your website, and enhance it with images and videos. Finally, we will discuss the manual posting process, adding a featured image, and checking the published post.

Creating a New Campaign

To begin your Amazon Product Roundup Reviews, you need to create a new campaign. Start by clicking on the “Amazon product review” option in the campaigns section. As you scroll through the available products, find the specific one you want to review on Amazon. Simply click on the product, go to the top, and grab the URL.

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Normally, you only need to copy the part of the Amazon URL that starts with “DP/” followed by the item number. Paste this URL into the designated field in the campaign creation form, give your campaign a name, and fill in the required information. You can then choose to schedule the post or publish it immediately. Additionally, you have the option to customize the title of your article.

Reviewing Individual Products

If you wish to review individual products, the process is just as simple. After clicking on a product to review on Amazon, copy the URL and paste it into the appropriate field in the campaign creation form. Fill in the necessary details and choose whether to schedule or publish the post immediately. Remember to customize the title if desired.

Multiple Product Roundup

For a more comprehensive review experience, you can create a multiple product roundup. Open each product you want to review in separate windows. Copy the URL of each product and paste them into the corresponding fields in the campaign creation form. Fill in the affiliate ID and customize the content. Finally, give your roundup a custom title that represents all the products you are reviewing. As with the individual product review, choose whether to schedule or publish the post immediately.

Customizing Content

One of the great features of the Amazon Product Roundup Reviews is the ability to customize your content. After creating a campaign, you can access the article and make any necessary edits or adjustments. You have the flexibility to add or remove images, include your own videos, and make changes according to your preferences. Once you are satisfied with the content, save your changes.

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Editing and Posting to Website

If you are ready to post your review to your website, you have two options. You can either post it directly or have it show up underneath your existing content for further editing before publishing. To manually post the review, navigate to the content section and select the article you want to publish. Click on the three dots menu and choose “edit”. You will be able to make final adjustments and then click on “publish”. Choose your website, select the option for auto-generating a featured image or not, and assign a category. You can also add tags to further categorize your posts. Submit the post, and it will be published to your website.

Adding Images and Videos

To enhance your Amazon Product Roundup Review, you can add images and videos to make it more visually appealing and engaging. When editing your article, you can remove existing images and add your own. You can also include videos related to the products you are reviewing. This allows you to provide a comprehensive and interactive experience for your readers.

Manual Posting to Website

In addition to the automatic posting option, you can choose to manually post your review to your website. After making all the necessary edits, navigate to the content section and select your article. Click on the three dots menu and choose the “publish” option. Select your website, decide whether to auto-generate a featured image, assign a category, and add tags if desired. Submit the post, and it will be queued for publishing. After a short wait, your post will be published on your website.

Adding Featured Image

A featured image can enhance the visual appeal of your Amazon Product Roundup Review. When posting manually or automatically, you have the option to generate a featured image or not. If you choose to generate one, the system will automatically select an image related to the products you are reviewing. However, if you prefer to use your own image, you can always add it manually after the post is published.

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Amazon Product Roundup Reviews | AIWiseMind

Checking Published Post

Once your Amazon Product Roundup Review is published, it’s important to check the final result. You can navigate to your website and refresh the page to see the published post. Take the time to review the content, ensuring all the information is accurate and well-organized. Check that the affiliate links, hyperlinks, images, and videos are all properly displayed. By thoroughly checking the published post, you can ensure a seamless and professional experience for your website visitors.


Introduction to AIWiseMind

AIWiseMind is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the process of creating and publishing Amazon Product Roundup Reviews. With AIWiseMind, you can effortlessly generate comprehensive and engaging articles that provide valuable insights and comparisons of various products. This innovative platform streamlines your review process, allowing you to focus on delivering quality content to your website visitors.

Video by AIWiseMind

To gain a better understanding of how AIWiseMind works and its various features, we highly recommend watching the instructional video created by AIWiseMind. The video demonstrates the step-by-step process of creating and publishing Amazon Product Roundup Reviews using the AIWiseMind platform. By watching this video, you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to effectively utilize AIWiseMind for your review articles.

In conclusion, Amazon Product Roundup Reviews, combined with the power of AIWiseMind, offer a fantastic opportunity to create informative and engaging content for your website visitors. Whether you choose to review individual products or create a multiple product roundup, the process is streamlined and user-friendly. From customizing the content to adding images and videos, you have the freedom to create unique, compelling reviews. By manually or automatically posting to your website, you can ensure that your reviews reach your target audience effectively. With the help of AIWiseMind, you can elevate your review articles and provide valuable insights to your readers. Start your Amazon Product Roundup Reviews journey today!

Amazon Product Roundup Reviews | AIWiseMind

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