AIWiseMind: New Features Added and Explained

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Hey there! This is Chris from AI WiseMind, and I wanted to share some exciting news with you. We’ve just added some fantastic new features to our platform, and I can’t wait to explain them to you in this video.

First off, let’s talk about the new options available in the Content section. Now, when you go to any of your articles, you’ll notice three dots. Click on them, and you’ll see a range of additional options. We’ve introduced a regenerate feature, which allows you to create another article if you’re not satisfied with the initial one. Plus, there’s an update feature that allows you to edit your article directly in our dashboard and update it on your website. And that’s not all! We’ve also added a share button, so you can easily share your content with others. Stay tuned, because we’ve got even more exciting updates coming your way!

AIWiseMind: New Features Added and Explained

AIWiseMind: New Features Added and Explained

Hey, this is Chris with AI WiseMind! Today, on June 23rd, we are excited to announce the initial internal launch of AIWiseMind. In this video, I want to talk to you about some new features that we have added and explain how fast updates can and will be happening over the next month or two. So let’s dive right in and explore these exciting new features!

Content Features

Regenerate Feature

When you go to any of your articles on AIWiseMind, you will notice three dots. Clicking on these three dots will reveal several more options, one of which is the “Regenerate” feature. If you find that you are not satisfied with the article you received, you can simply click on “Regenerate,” and AIWiseMind will generate a new article for you using the same settings as your initial campaign. This feature gives you the flexibility to customize the content to your liking without any hassle.

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Update Feature

We understand that your content may need frequent updates. With the “Update” feature, you can now edit your article within the AIWiseMind dashboard and save it. Then, by clicking on “Update,” your website’s content will be automatically updated with the changes you made in the dashboard. This is especially convenient if you have your website connected to AIWiseMind – you can make edits to your articles directly in the dashboard and see the changes reflected on your website seamlessly.

Share Button

Sharing your content with others has never been easier! AIWiseMind now offers a “Share” button, allowing you to easily share your content with clients or anyone who wants to review it before you post it. By clicking on “Share,” you can copy the generated link, enable public access to the content, and update the access. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a confirmation message in the top right corner, indicating that public access is now enabled. You can then share the link, and others will be able to access and view your full article.

Site Setup Updates

SEO-friendly Permalink Structure

When setting up a new website, it is crucial to optimize your permalink structure for better search engine optimization (SEO). With AIWiseMind, we have integrated directly with websites to offer a seamless integration of SEO-friendly permalink structure. By checking the box for SEO-friendly permalink structure during the site setup process, your website’s permalink structure will be automatically set up to the recommended “post type” structure. This setting will ensure that your website’s link structure is optimized for search engines, improving your website’s visibility and rankings.

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Disabled Comments Plugin

Do you want to disable comments on your website? AIWiseMind makes it effortless for you. During the site setup process, we will automatically install and enable the “Disabled Comments” plugin for your website. This plugin will remove the comment section from your website, ensuring that you won’t have any comments cluttering your articles. This feature is particularly useful if you prefer not to have comments or manage them separately from your AIWiseMind content.

Easy Table of Contents WordPress Plugin

To enhance the readability and navigation of your posts, AIWiseMind now offers integration with the “Easy Table of Contents” WordPress plugin. With this integration, the table of contents will be automatically set up to appear only on your posts and not on your pages. This means that your readers will have a convenient way to navigate through lengthy articles, without the table of contents cluttering your website’s pages.

Campaign Enhancements

Image Sources for Articles

Now, with AIWiseMind, you have the option to add images to your articles. When setting up a new campaign, you can choose the image sources for your articles. However, it is essential to be cautious when using certain options to avoid copyright issues. The available image sources include:

  • Extract images from a URL (when available): This option allows you to extract images from a specific URL. Please exercise caution and ensure that you have the necessary permissions or rights to use the images from the URL.
  • Stock images from Pixabay: AIWiseMind provides access to a vast library of stock images from Pixabay. These high-quality images can enhance the visual appeal of your articles.
  • AI-generated images from Dolly: Experience the power of artificial intelligence with AI-generated images from Dolly. These unique and creative visuals can add a touch of innovation to your content.
  • Google search images: If you prefer to use images from Google search results, you can enable this option. However, please make sure to check the usage rights and copyrights of the images you select.
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When utilizing these image source options, you can further protect yourself by ticking the box that adds an image copyright disclosure to the image. This disclosure can help demonstrate that you are aware of the potential copyright issues and are taking appropriate measures to address them.

Amazon Product Image Option

For affiliates or those authorized to use Amazon product images, AIWiseMind offers an easy integration. When setting up a new campaign, you’ll notice an option specifically for Amazon product reviews. Enabling this option allows AIWiseMind to pull product images directly from Amazon and upload them to your website. Please note that according to Amazon’s terms and services, it is recommended to add images through their API or Site Stripe. However, we are actively working on integrating these features into AIWiseMind to provide you with an even more seamless experience. In the meantime, if you are comfortable adding Amazon images this way, you can utilize this option to enhance your product reviews.


Thank you for taking the time to explore the new features added to AIWiseMind. We are constantly working on improving and adding new functionalities to make your experience even better. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, AIWiseMind, to stay updated on all the latest developments and updates. We look forward to helping you create amazing content with ease and efficiency using AIWiseMind!

AIWiseMind: New Features Added and Explained

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